Precast Concrete Products, Septic Tanks And Wastewater Treatment Systems

Rockingham Precast offers a total line of Septic System products such as Septic Tanks, Pump Tanks, FAST Tanks, Advantex Tanks, Sand Filtration system Boxes, and Distribution Boxes made from durable cement. Our delivery trucks are equipped with knuckle boom cranes” and handled by trained pros allowing us to set up most products as part of the delivered price. Furthermore, we offer a complete line of HDPE perforated tube, baffles, PVC pipe, etc. Our company is your one stop shop” for septic system resources. Dan's Precast has started out production of a variety of planters for commercial and personal use. We have a wide range of sizes and colours available. Keeping weight of the product at heart we are choosing specialized mixture designs to push the limits of conventional cement and UHPC. Our products come in many different exterior finishes to match our client's jobs. You can expect delivery and installation of most of our products, which makes getting a few of the pieces to their final destination much easier.
Our non-traffic rated precast concrete septic fish tank sizes range from to 300 to 3,500 gallons. Our traffic-rated precast concrete septic container sizes range from 600 to 8,000 gallons. Solitary Compartment , Two Compartment , and Three Area tanks as well as custom tanks are also available. Just click here for our Quick reference point tank dimension sheet.
Precast cement products reach the work site prepared to set up, which can save weeks on assembling your project timeline. Precast cement reduces the need for skilled labor on site, decreases the site footprint, reduces building waste and significantly reduces site noise. You don't have to order raw materials such as reinforcing metallic and concrete, and no time wasted setting up forms, positioning reinforcement, pouring concrete, dodging inclement weather or looking forward to concrete to get rid of.
Every product we make is cast from the same superior quality, high durability (50N/mm2) concrete. Cracking is usually experienced with concrete septic tanks when heavy vehicles run them over. Breaks in the container occur if the sort of concrete used for the container is of poor composition. From the breaks, leaks may appear and harm the ground around it. Damaged soil could become a risk to health.
The various ensemble concrete components creating the multiple section septic container are provided with reinforcing material put in rods or bars, as is the most common practice in reinforcing ensemble slabs and cast elongate structural concrete members. This organization and set up of the reinforcing bars constitutes no part by itself of the present invention, and details of the same are consequently not shown herein to any great extent.concrete septic tank prices

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